ZP4: Address correction data and software

ZP4 is a database containing United States addresses, ZIP + 4® codes, and mail carrier route numbers, along with other supplemental postal databases (all maintained by the Postal Service™), plus complete automatic CASS Certified™ address correction software for Windows computers.

       Before ZP4 processing   After ZP4 processing
       ---------------------   --------------------
           walt disney         The Walt Disney Company
           114 5               114 5th Ave Fl 13
           newyork             New York NY 10011-5690

ZP4 was available from 1989 through November 30, 2017,
and was replaced by MAF, the Master Address File.

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  • Why all 5-digit ZIP Code™ lists are obsolete
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    ZP4 automatically corrects your address files and adds ZIP + 4 codes so you can send mail using discount postage rates.

  • Validate, correct, and standardize addresses
  • Minimize postage and prevent undeliverable mail
  • Complete ZIP + 4 database covering all U.S. mailing addresses
  • Includes the DPV® database for validating any individual house, apartment, or box
  • Fully exportable ZIP + 4 records for building custom lists and databases
  • Includes program-to-program source code examples for custom access
  • CASS Certified and DPV Certified by the Postal Service for confirmation of valid delivery points
  • Automatically process databases of any size
  • Automatically generates bulk mail forms 3553, 3600, and 3602
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click interface
  • Any number of employees and clients can simultaneously use all tools and data
  • Includes fonts for postal barcodes
  • Includes presort and printing software for discount First Class Automation or Standard Automation letters
  • Includes LACSLink to convert rural-style addresses to city-style addresses, and to convert renumbered boxes and renamed streets
  • Includes eLOT® to find enhanced line of travel data
  • Includes Geo to find latitudes, longitudes, tracts, and blocks
  • Includes SuiteLink to find business address secondary (suite) information
  • Includes RDI™ to detect residence vs. business addresses

    ZP4 contains all necessary Windows software and a complete mailing address validation database for the entire United States.

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