Presort/printing for bulk mail discounts plus eLOT®

ZP4 includes presort/printing software for bulk mail, and the eLOT database, both of which are described below. Note that the "automation" presort/printing software and the eLOT database are separate independent systems. ZP4's automation mail preparation doesn't use eLOT data.

Presort/printing for bulk mail

ZP4 includes all the software you need, including source code, for sorting and printing a CASS™-processed mailing list as First Class Automation letters or postcards or Marketing Mail Automation letters, allowing you to send mail at discount postage rates. You can print barcoded mail, generate the required presort qualification report, tray labels, and necessary postage statement (form 3600 or 3602). An interactive design program is included, also with source code, to allow easy editing of postage statement layouts due to yearly changes.

Enhanced line of travel

The eLOT database contains a sequence number and an ascending-or-descending code for every combination of ZIP + 4® code and two-digit delivery point, to allow mail to be sorted in approximate carrier-casing order and thereby qualify for certain enhanced carrier route presort postage discounts. ZP4 automatically determines the proper line of travel data for addresses.

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