Postage savings achievable with ZP4

Instead of paying a full 49¢ per letter, using barcodes generated with CASS™ software like ZP4 lets you qualify for bulk rates as shown below. For example, mailing 500 pieces of First-Class Mail® cost 500 x 49¢, or $245, but mailing 500 barcoded pieces with ZIP + 4® codes as Marketing Mail at 25.1¢ per piece (in a 5-digit presort) costs $125.50, for a total savings of $119.50!
Marketing Mail Automation Letters
up to 3.5 oz as of 1/22/17
Presort Regular Nonprofit
5-digit 25.1¢ 13.4¢
3-digit 27.1¢ 15.4¢
Mixed 28.8¢ 17.1¢
The above table lists only a few of the available postal discounts. For example, submitting your bulk mail to a Sectional Center Facility Post Office™ lowers the rate to only 21.7¢ per piece for 5-digit presorted pieces and only 10¢ for nonprofit mail. Bulk discounts require certain quantity and sorting preparations and permits. See the Postal Service™ Domestic Mail Manual or your local Postmaster for complete details and regulations. ZP4 includes all the software you need for sorting and printing First Class Automation letters or postcards or Marketing Mail Automation letters for any address lists certified with CASS software like ZP4.
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