Should I order one account or multiple accounts?

A ZP4 account gives you complete and immediate password access to ready-to-run tools, data, and interfaces for standardizing and validating addresses and performing many other address-related functions. If you wish, you can also configure your own machines to give anyone access to ZP4 processing, such as with a web server that lets your employees or clients use ZP4 via a web browser or even with custom tools you might develop. Your users don't need a ZP4 account in a configuration like that, because your server is between ZP4 and your users, and so your users only need to see the interface you present on your machine.

However, you may have employees or clients that require direct access to ZP4's tools and interfaces, and therefore need access to an account and password. A single account can be in simultaneous use by any number of users from any number of locations when they know the password.

You have three choices for how to order accounts:

One account shared as necessary

You give the account's password to anyone needing access. Everyone shares the one account, password, and I/O balance.

Multiple individual accounts

Everyone has their own account, password, and I/O balance.

One master account for 10 or more client accounts

Everyone has their own account and password, sharing the master account's I/O balance.
Advantages: Simple to order and administer. One monthly maintenance fee for one account. Advantages: Full security. No user can interfere with another user. Statistics are captured for each individual account. Each account can separately request support by email. Advantages: No user can interfere with another user. Only the master account is charged the monthly maintenance fee. Each client has their own account statistics, also viewable from the master account. Only the master account I/O balance needs to be monitored. The master account can delete client accounts at will.
Disadvantages: Any single user can interfere with all other users by changing the account's password, consuming the entire account's I/O balance, generating a violation, or forcing remote logouts. You won't be able to distinguish individual users in the account's statistics. Only one email address can serve as the support contact for all users. Disadvantages: Each account is treated as a separate order. Each account is charged the monthly maintenance fee. Disadvantages: Ten client accounts minimum. Any client can consume any amount of the master account I/O balance. Only the master account can request email support.
Typically ordered by: Individuals and smaller companies. Typically ordered by: Larger companies. Typically ordered by: Companies providing access to clients, not just employees.

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