MAF, the Master Address File

MAF is a database containing United States addresses plus complete automatic address correction software for Windows computers.

MAF is free! Get your password.
  • Frequently asked questions about MAF
  • Tools and data included in MAF
  • Outputs generated by MAF
  • Screenshots: Browsing, lookups, batch processing, exporting.

  • Standardize, validate, and geocode addresses
  • Fully exportable records for building custom lists and databases
  • Includes program-to-program source code examples for custom access
  • Automatically process databases of any size
  • Automatically generate bulk mail forms 3600 and 3602
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click interface
  • Any number of employees and clients can simultaneously use all tools and data
  • Includes fonts for postal barcodes
  • Finds latitudes, longitudes, tracts, and blocks
  • Detects residential, commercial, and mixed-use addresses

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