MAF, the Master Address File

MAF is a database containing United States addresses plus complete automatic address correction software for Windows computers.

MAF servers were available until March 12, 2018.
You can still download the final client tools, source code, and documentation.

  • Frequently asked questions about MAF
  • Tools and data included in MAF
  • Outputs generated by MAF
  • Screenshots: Browsing, lookups, batch processing, exporting.
  • Standardize, validate, and geocode addresses
  • Fully exportable records for building custom lists and databases
  • Includes program-to-program source code examples for custom access
  • Automatically process databases of any size
  • Automatically generate bulk mail forms 3600 and 3602
  • Easy-to-use point-and-click interface
  • Any number of employees and clients can simultaneously use all tools and data
  • Includes fonts for postal barcodes
  • Finds latitudes, longitudes, tracts, and blocks
  • Detects residential, commercial, and mixed-use addresses
  • Any speed, volume, or frequency of use you wish
  • No throttling, no data limits, no deadlines, no uploads
  • Full complement of canned interactive and batch tools
  • Scrollable windows on databases
  • No programming or scripting necessary
  • Geographically dispersed server farms
  • Automatic failover for complete redundancy
  • High speed overlapped processing for zero network latency
  • Completely encrypted for total privacy
  • Simple interface, easy to customize
  • Resell or create a private service with no restrictions

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