Creating the NAMES file

Now that the GET.NAMES program is ready, it needs a file for storing names and addresses. Give the command CREATE-FILE NAMES 1,1 3,1 to create an empty NAMES file. Then give the command RUN BP GET.NAMES to begin executing the GET.NAMES program and begin typing in names and addresses.

GET.NAMES prompts for an ID number, which actually can be any string of characters. Hitting just the Return key in response to an ID number prompt causes GET.NAMES to terminate. Otherwise, GET.NAMES will prompt in turn for the first and last name, company, address, city and state, and ZIP code to be filed under the ID number. At each prompt, the old value for each field, if any, is displayed before the new value is input. Hitting just the Return key leaves the old value unchanged, and typing only a backslash (\) clears any existing value to null. Typing FILE at the final prompt files the record in the NAMES file under the ID number. Typing DROP at the final prompt deletes the record from the NAMES file. Any other command leaves the record unchanged.

Use the GET.NAMES program to create a dozen or so names and addresses in the NAMES file so that they will be available for use by B-TREE-P.