Welcome to BTP/Branches

BTP/Branches is documentation designed to tell you everything you need to know about B-TREE-P, the B-tree software for Pick systems. B-TREE-P is a collection of subroutines and programs that allow any of the data in your Pick files to be instantly located and displayed in any sort order, without having to wait for SORT commands.

B-TREE-P and a few minor modifications to your existing data entry programs are all that are necessary for you to immediately be able to search, display, and browse through your data quickly and conveniently. No modifications to your existing data files are necessary.

A note about HTML vs. Pick Basic: "<" is heavily used in Pick Basic, but acts as an escape character in HTML. As a result, a statement like

X<A> = Y<A>

doesn't display properly unless it is coded in HTML as
X&ltA> = Y&ltA>

Currently, this site's HTML pages only bother using "&lt" instead of "<" if the next character is an alpha like "A", since non-alphas after "<" display properly. However, future extensions to HTML might also start escaping non-alphas. Therefore, if any code at this site does not display or compile properly, try saving the code as HTML source instead of interpreted text, to guarantee you will see all characters in the original HTML page.